2020 Grand Marshal & QUEENS


            2020 QUEENS

 2002 Margarita Bergen, 2003 Debbie Gagne,

2007 Gillian Pierce, 2009 Melanie Talia,

2011 Yvette DeBlanc, 2012 Allyson Cabes,

2013 Gail Cavette, 2014 Amy Borrell,

2015 Jeffrey McIlwain, 2016 Kellie Vaughn,

2017 Sarah Blosch, 2018 Paulette Slone,

2019 Gayle Dellinger 

  Few winemakers have a story quite like Charles Smith. Although he was born and raised an hour from Napa Valley, CA, Charles didn’t discover his love for wine until he moved to Europe. While living abroad, he managed a number of rock bands, including the famed Danish duo The Raveonettes.

The founder of Washington’s largest winemaker-owned winery and the 4th largest wine producer in the state, he announced a new name for his international company – Wines of Substance in August 2017. This launched a revitalized vision for his rich portfolio of high-caliber wines, including K Vintners, SIXTO, CasaSmith, Substance and B. Leighton.

“Substance is defined as the quality of being important, valid and significant,” said Charles Smith. “The driving force behind all of my creations is substance and ‘Wines of Substance’ is the perfect name to illustrate my philosophy of producing exceptional wines to be enjoyed by everyone around the globe.”

The company name embodies the belief that having delicious wine, pouring it in a glass, and sharing it among friends is what matters. Wines of Substance continue Charles Smith’s dedication to producing the absolute best, which begins in the vineyard and ends in the glass. This is evidenced by the fact that in the recent Wine Advocate vintage review, wines in Charles Smith’s portfolio scored exceptionally high, including 12 wines at 95 points or higher.